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Monday, April 20, 2009
Updated & Checked All Links for the LOW PAY markets list

Kind of depressing, but not surprising.

I hadn't updated the LOW PAY markets list since forever. In these times of magazines and newspapers folding, I thought it was time.

Realize that low pay markets are usually low pay because they're running on a shoestring and writers are being paid out of the publisher's checking account.

Not surprising, but ... about half the list went into the trash bin because the magazines/zines are no longer in operation or are no longer paying or are no longer saying whether they're paying or not or only let subscribers submit and then pay a dinky bit at that.

Two magazines (STRANGE HORIZONS and TRANSITIONS ABROAD) graduated to the regular paying markets lists, which I will update soon as well. A couple more had increased their pay, but not so much that they got off the LOWPAY list.

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