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Friday, December 05, 2008
WebSites for Journalists

This site moved since the last time I updated the NonFiction page. I'd forgotten how many excellent resources are kept here. The site is touted as "an annotated introduction to selected Web pages of value to journalists" Web guru is Allan R. Andrews, Editor (ret.), Pacific Stars and Stripes in Tokyo, Japan.

In the subsection on newspaper columns, Andrews has the following interesting quote:

I harbor a conviction that I can read nothing but columns (editorials, op-ed pieces, commentators and national, local and sports columnists) and remain abreast of current events. In fact, one probably can stay better informed about issues and current debates than one who reads nothing but the front-page news. Besides, it's a lot more fun and one is exposed to the true "literature" of journalism. Some of the finest writing in newspapers is found in columns and editorials (some of the worst, too).


Internet Resources for Writers