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Friday, May 18, 2007
[PAY MKT] Escape Pod

Writers' Guidelines for Escape Pod, a podcast genre 'zine.

EP is a genre 'zine. We're looking for science fiction and fantasy. Please don't send us anything that doesn't fit those descriptions. And by the way, we mean SF/F on a level that matters to the plot. Your story about a little boy receiving a balloon before his heart transplant may be touching literature, but it probably isn't something we're interested in, even if you edit it so that the balloon's an alien and the heart came from Satan.

(UPDATE: As of August 2006, Escape Pod no longer runs horror. We've spun that off into a sister podcast, Pseudopod, edited by Mur Lafferty and Ben Philips. We do not share our slushpiles, so please send them your horror stories directly. It's a great podcast to listen to, by the way, if you like to be disturbed.)

We're primarily interested in two lengths of fiction, which we've dubbed (somewhat arbitrarily) 'short fiction' and 'flash fiction.'

PAYS: $100 for short fiction (2-6K wds) and $20 for flash fiction (up to 1K wds. "sweet spot": 500 wds.)


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