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Monday, August 19, 2002

Updating broken links and found that Dr. L. Kip Wheeler's page Literary Terms and Meanings had moved when he moved from UOregon to Gonzaga.

The rest of his site is chock full of information, devoted to Comp-Grammar-Research-Literature due to his educational bent. I found a huge cache of useful information for writers, even if they aren't in one of Dr. Wheeler's classes.

How about this one? - Wheeler's rant titled Passive Voice (Why It is Evil and How to Recognize It.)

Or this one? - Medieval Lit resources, with links to "Heresy Handout: A Convenient Guide to Eternal Damnation" (.pdf), Middle English Vocabulary, Numerology (.pdf), "The Seven Deadly Sins: A Convenient Guide to Eternal Damnation" and more.

This site can eat up your afternoon, if you're not careful.

This link and more like it can be found in the [WordStuff|Unsorted] section of

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