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Friday, August 02, 2002

Added a link to the [Reference & Research|Search Engines|Image Searches] section of the Web site. The links now on board follow:

Kartoo - Visual Web Search - 7500+ artists - 32K links - 13K artists - 36K works - Grove Dictionary of Art

Carol Gerten - Fine Art--A Virtual Art Museum: FAQ, Scans

Google Image Search

Alta Vista Multimedia Search w/ Rolling Stone

Ditto - "always on" filtering

Picsearch - "always on" filtering

Lycos Multimedia Search - "never on" filtering

Life Magazine covers - 1936-1972

QuikShowBiz - Art News, Art Search, and Art Links

QuikShowBiz - Photo Search Engines and Photo News

PURCHASE ART/PRINTS - 150K posters & prints - posters, photos, fine art

These links and others of a similar ilk can be found in the [Reference & Research|Search Engines] section of

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