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Wednesday, April 17, 2002

WELCOME and first blog item: began back in the summer of 2001 when I was taken to task in the Usenet newsgroup misc.writing by a couple of people, complaining that I was "flooding" the newsgroup with my (average: three-a-day) posts describing what I thought were cool writing-related sites.

Thanks to Patricia D. Netzley, prolific writer, who thought all the [URL]distinct-URL-related-subject labeled posts were part of the same thread and flustered because she just couldn't get her theads to thread, poor dear, and to Wayne Lutz, who blusters with the best of them and said that my (gasp!) writing-related [URL] threads posted to a writing newsgroup bordered on nuisance flooding, exists.

As part of the dustup in misc.writing I realized my stash of URLs wasn't getting much visibility if the URLs were just posted to misc.writing. Even people on misc.writing who were aware of them would lose sight when my posts fell off their newsfeed and they'd need to search those posts out with Google News.

Writers who don't read misc.writing (and that's most writers on the 'net) who wanted an intro site on screenwriting, f'rex, would never know I'd recommended a really cool site five months past.

And so, the site was created and grew and grew and grew. Most URLs I mention in misc.writing are added as I mention them. Many, many sites are added without a mention in misc.writing.

Since I started keeping track in October 2001, over 3000 people other than me have come to the site and picked through its links. has over 1500 links that are checked for deadwood regularly. The links are sorted into nine major groups and almost one hundred subgroups. The site has been mentioned favorably in writers newsletters, on writers' sites, on mailing lists and in newsgroups and is visited by writers from all corners of the world.

I have another blog <> which I have been less than conscientious about updating, which covers my professional writing, URLs I'm collecting on given subjects and my ongoing battles with such dark, sinister forces of the wired world as ATTBI which cannot seem to get their Usenet setup straightened out.

This blog, though, is dedicated to all links writerly. I plan to use this site to pop up descriptions of some of the links I'm adding to and descriptions of some of the links that are already there.

Think of this blog as a means of getting a look at what's new at and a tour of what's there.

At the bottom of each item that has a link from, I'll add a reference to where on the site you can find that link and others like it. The reference will be xxx|yyy, meaning you can find the link in yyy subgroup of the xxx group.

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