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Thursday, April 18, 2002

Locate a real live reference resource

The m.w pickable brains list is out of date (through no fault of the Web maven) and hard to find:

In lieu The Virtual Reference Desk provides AskA+ Locator:

AskA+ Locator: By Subject

"The AskA+ Locator is a database of high-quality "AskA" services designed to link students, teachers, parents and other K-12 community members with experts on the Internet. Profiles of each AskA service include identification information (e.g., publisher, e-mail address, contact person, links to services’ home pages), scope, target audience, and a general description of the service. Some of the Web sites linked from AskA+ service profiles provide additional resources such as on-line reference, archives of previously asked questions, and links to related sites. Information in the Locator, including links to AskA services, is accessible through the following search options."

This link can be found in the Reference|Assorted Information subsection of

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